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Change for Charity is a campaign run by People, a UK registered charity. Money raised through Change for Charity will support the work of People and primarily 'Who Do You See?' our scholarship programme that provides young people living in poverty with the opportunity to study at school.


People works to find sustainable solutions to poverty by working with local communities identifying and combatting its causal factors. In Gituamba, Kenya, it was identified that very few young people were able to continue their education beyond primary school due to unemployment and prohibitively high school fees. Education plays a key role in alleviating the perpetual cycle of poverty and so People developed a scholarship programme to ensure young people have the opportunity to fulfil their potential and excel. For young people who would struggle at school the scholarship provides opportunities to receive vocational training in areas such as tailoring, engineering or metal work. Ultimately the scholarship programme seeks to support young people out of poverty through raising aspirations, providing access to better education and instilling hope.


The generosity of those who donate to the Change for Charity campaign directly impacts the lives of young people, their families and their local community.


You can find out more about People here.

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People is a registered charity within England and Wales (1141280) and an incorporated company registered by guarantee in England and Wales (7575323)